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THERMAFILL is a BS6515 compliant high performance DPC bonded to a cross linked open cell polyethylene foam. This composite product provides a solution to cold bridging around windows and doors. The main application is in providing insulation at the vertical face when a cavity is being closed around the structural opening.

THERMAFILL is designed to be installed between the leaves of adjoining brick or blockwork, as site work progresses. It is available in rolls and may be simply cut on site to the appropriate length and remains flexible. The DPC’s surface is profiled to allow good mortar adhesion and the foam is compressible to allow for irregularities in the adjoining construction.

THERMAFILL is available in 10m length rolls packed in 5 rolls per merchant pack. It is manufactured in the UK and available on short lead times.

The two standard sizes are 100mm/165mm and 140mm/225mm being the foam to DPC widths. The extra width of DPC allows laps to the adjoining frame whether window or door and into the cavity.

For full technical information and health and safety data, please visit the Information Centre.