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Fire Protection

With a number of recent high profile building failures caused by fire, the whole issue of fire protection has become a “hot” topic. A great deal of guidance is available on taking steps to minimise the risks of fire on site, during the construction phases and in service use.

The primary method of fire protection is to use a non-combustible board to encase the main structural elements or line the building. The most common product used for this purpose is plasterboard, but it has limitations, as plasterboard is not designed to be exposed to the elements. Our Fillcrete MgO board on the other hand can be used internally or externally and thanks to the higher density and reinforcing mesh, a single sheet of 12mm Fillcrete MgO can provide up to 90 minutes fire protection.

As an internal lining board for walls or ceilings, Fillcrete MgO provides the additional mass required to absorb both impact and airborne sound.

Fillcrete MgO can be easily cut using standard cutting tools and fixed with drywall screws.

A vital part of any attempt to minimise the effects of fire is at the intersection between different structural elements, particularly where an expansion gap is required. To address this issue we can offer Firestop and Firecheck.

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