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Expansion Joints

We are the market-leading supplier of branded expansion jointing materials to over 1000 Builder’s Merchants, throughout the UK and Eire. From small independents to Buying Groups and Nationals, you will find our products wherever you are based.

We have the widest range of standard sizes and thicknesses available ex stock.

All our expansion jointing materials are sold through reputable Builder’s Merchants, who will be happy to advise on their particular uses and applications. We will also be happy to advise you on your nearest stockist or help you directly with any technical support.

Our range includes:

FILLABOARD is for expansion joints in and around concrete, supplied in individual sheets for cutting on site and packs of pre-cut strips. Available in a wide range of sizes.

BRICKFILL S is for movement joints in brick and blockwork, supplied in sheets and individually wrapped pre-cut rolls.

AQUAFILL is used for heavy-duty expansion joints in critical applications and/or where potable water is present. Available in individual sheets and pre-cut strips to order.

BACKAROD is a flexible circular foam rod, used as a gap filler and sealant support where joint filler is not required for the complete depth of the joint. Available in various diameters, coiled in standard packs.

SLIPCRETE is a high quality polyethylene 2mm thick, bearing strip for use as a low friction slip-membrane. This product allows free movement between building materials with varying degrees of movement.