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Airseal is a high density, self-expanding joint filler impregnated with chemically stabilised acrylic and backed with a self-adhesive scrim tape. It is supplied in rolls and compressed to allow expansion on release of up to 600% of its original thickness. It will continue to expand until it meets resistance and will therefore completely fill a void. Total expansion times vary between 2 – 24 hours, dependant on the ambient temperatures at the time of installation.

The self-adhesive scrim acts as a locator, keeping Airseal in place until final expansion is completed. No additional sealant is required.

The performance of Airseal depends on how much it has been allowed to expand. The lower the expansion, the higher the performance:

Expansion limited to less than 100% of compressed thickness provides a weather tight seal against driving wind and rain, without the need for additional sealants.

Between 100 – 300% expansion provides a good thermal and acoustic seal.

Between 300 – 600% expansion provides a dust seal and air baffle.

Airseal remains permanently elastic and can be used with most building surfaces. It is ideal for joints between brickwork, concrete, plastics, timber and even fibrous materials.

For full technical information and health and safety data, please visit the Information Centre.