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Building Sealing

With our current demands for limiting our carbon footprint and controlling CO2 emissions, good thermal performance has become a pre-requisite to any building envelope design. Part L of the Building Regulations and Conservation of Fuel and Power, ensures that air leakage and the removal of thermal bridges must be addressed for both domestic and commercial buildings.


Air leakage can be difficult to maintain between materials with varying differential movement. Simple examples would be the interaction between a green oak frame and adjoining kiln dried softwood framing or the junction between brickwork and a window or door frame.

In such an application the ideal solution would be an expansion joint that stays elastic and can mould to uneven surfaces.

The solution is AIRSEAL.


Thermal bridging can occur where the internal walls of a building are joined to the external shell of a building.

This is common in door and window openings where a reveal is required in the external finish. As with air leakage, a product that stays elastic is required to take up any differential movement in the structure

The solution is THERMAFILL.