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Fillcrete MgO

The most common method of fire protection is to use a non-combustible board to encase the main structural elements or to line the interior of the building. The most commonly used product for this purpose is plasterboard but it does have some limitations. Plasterboard is not designed to be exposed to the elements, as doing so will limit its suitability in situations where the building lining needs to be installed before the structure is weather tight.

Our Fillcrete MgO board on the other hand can be used either internally or externally. Thanks to the high density and reinforcing mesh, Fillcrete MgO provides superior impact resistance and fire Protection. A single layer of the 12mm thick board can provide up to 90 minutes fire protection.

As an internal lining board for walls and ceilings, Fillcrete MgO provides the additional mass required to reduce both airborne and impact sound.

Fillcrete MgO is easily cut using standard cutting tools and may be fixed with drywall screws.

For full technical information and health and safety data, please visit the Information Centre.