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Why do you need an Expansion Joint?

The installation of an expansion joint, such as Fillaboard in concrete, is required to relieve stress and thereby reduce the risk of cracking or heave in a slab. It is a characteristic of concrete that it will expand or contract slightly relative to ambient temperatures. In simple terms, concrete will expand in the summer and slightly contract in the winter. To overcome this, it is standard practise to install an expansion joint at centres of 30 times the slab thickness i.e. for a 100mm slab there should be a joint every 3 metres.

Fillaboard has been developed specifically to provide a solution and is a high performance quality expansion joint for concrete applications. It is manufactured from specially formulated impregnated fibreboard with a minimum 10% bitumen content. It has been specifically engineered to provide the optimum combination of durability and resilience.

Typical applications would include: concrete paths, foundation slabs, roads, and airport runways. It can also be used as a backfill protection board for below ground applications.

Fillaboard is supplied in sheets and packs of pre-cut strips, in a wide range of sizes. It is lightweight and can be easily cut on site.

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