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Brickfill is the leading brand of expansion jointing material for movement joints in brick and blockwork. It is a low resistance joint filler, manufactured from high quality closed cell polyethylene and has been specifically designed and developed for all clay fired brickwork, calcium silicate brickwork, and blockwork.

Brickfill fully meets the British Standards for movement joints in brickwork. The BS states: “The compressibility of the sealant back up/joint filler is possibly the most critical factor in the design of an adequate joint for clay fired brickwork. Flexible cellular polyethylene or foam rubbers are the most satisfactory materials. Hemp, fibreboard and similar materials should NOT be used.”

Brickfill is available in individual sheets for cutting on site or 10 metre rolls, pre cut to 100mm and 150mm as standard widths. These are then packaged in ten rolls and bulk wrapped to form a handy lightweight merchant pack.

All pre-cut rolls have a scored tear off strip. Simply build in Brickfill flush with the surface of the brickwork and then pull off the “tear off” strip, leaving a correctly sized recess to allow the installation of a suitable high performance silicon sealant, without the need for a bond breaker.

Special sizes of Brickfill can be supplied cut to order.

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